Album review: Alabama 3 - Power in the Blood

Thumbs up.

This is the same group that did the Soprano's theme song.  They're a rare mix of blues and electronica (my two favorite genres).  The whole album is listenable, which is a rare thing these days.  The tracks that stand out are the opening track, which isn't really a song but more of a snippet (catchy nonetheless); the title track Power in the Blood; a creative song about strobe lights (who sings about the lighting in a club?); a neat song about rehabilitation; and a cute song about how "flowers bloom on Alcatraz now, let the caged bird sing."

The other thing that's awesome about this band, other than their creativity and their excellent fusion of two cool genres, is how authentic their sound is.  You'd swear they were a couple black guys from Alabama, but they're actually three white guys from London.  But they're not the first band to fake it; Credence Clearwater Revival was from El Cerrito.  Born on the Bayou, my ass.  If CCR could do it, then so can A3.  Rock on, guys.

This album is highly recommended.  I've been playing it over and over.  I'd better rip it before the CD wears out.