Bill is wooing me

EDIT: Just kidding, looks like Bill isn't wooing me that strongly.  Beta 2 is a closed beta and I can't actually get access.  I'll have to wait for the "CPP" in a couple weeks, when the floodgates open and everyone will be given the chance to download a beta of Vista.  In the mean time I'll just continue to sit in my Linux cave, resenting Micro$oft.  (Original post below)

By now I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Linux user. I scoff at any operating system that has a business model or is used by more than 5% of the population. Linux is like Judaism; the superior minority. Priests unto the world. The first ones to bring the message (even if it's later co-opted by others).

But then Microsoft came out with Windows Vista (Beta 2). Since I'm on some mailing list, I get access to Beta 2 even though it's not a "public" beta. Bill thinks he can win me back with some special treatment? Might just work. But I'm all about aesthetics. I want my OS to look GORGEOUS. Linux delivers in ways Mac & Windows can't. But a lot of people have been talking about the pretty new interface of Vista, so I decided to take a look. I went to YouTube and looked at some videos that people have made of the new Windows interface. Here's what I found:
YouTube - Windows Vista Features

That guy makes a cute point, and I appreciate it. Here's the real presentation from which the above link was excerpted.

My initial thoughts on seeing the real presentation:

  • It's trying to copy Mac OS.
  • It's trying to copy iTunes.
  • It's trying to copy Google Desktop Search.
  • It's trying to copy Firefox.
  • It's doing a damn good job.
  • I'd install this OS on my mother's computer (not sure I can say the same for Linux)
  • I want it.

So I'm downloading the beta. My current Windows installation is getting kind of "musty" anyway, it'd be nice to get a fresh start.

Will this be enough to convince me to switch back to Windows? I doubt it. But I often use Windows anyway (especially for school), and if I need a "secondary" OS from Microsoft it may as well be Vista.

Stay tuned for more from the "bleeding edge."