The Dude abides (and other news)

That's an awesome quote from a neat movie, the Big Lebowski. Which is playing at the Red Vic tonight. I'm gonna go see it with some friends. Speaking of the Red Vic, the Haight Ashbury Beat says that the Red Vic is gonna start selling alcohol. A movie house with tons of personality that plays indy films and cult classics, and sells booze. Hell yeah.

Other news according to the Haight Ashbury Beat: the only full-service grocery store in the neighborhood, Cala (think Ralph's), is going to be replaced with either Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I love the Haight.

In other local news, the crazy Christians at Hastings lost their lawsuit against the school.  They wanted to exclude gays from their club, which is all fine and good, except the school bylaws forbid a school-supported club from discrimination.  Which means I could join the Black American Law Student Asociation if I wanted.  The crazy Christian club (I don't know their actual name) refused to obey those rules, so they were denied school funding.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear: they're still allowed to be a private club.  They're allowed to do whatever the hell they want.  But that wasn't good enough for them; they wanted to perpetuate their doctrine of hate and get school money for doing it.  When the school said no, they sued.  Here's the announcement from our dean:

Dear Students:

I realize that many of you were following with interest the
lawsuit brought against the College by the Hastings Christian Legal
Society challenging  the application of our nondiscrimination
regulations to their organization on various constitutional grounds.
I am very pleased to tell you that U.S. District Judge White issued a
41-page decision in the matter yesterday, denying plaintiffs' motions
for summary judgment and granting all of our summary-judgment motions
on all of the claims raised.


Mary Kay Kane

Lighter stuff also happens at Hastings.  One of my friends just made an ass of herself at "Beer on the Beach."
In other news, another major tech company is snubbing Windoze in favor of Linux: Oracle.  Here's the story.
Switching to my other favorite topic, the Middle East, here's a very sensitive article on Iraqis and what they really think of what the US has done to their country.  Don't make assumptions until you read the end of the article.

I know there's also been a lot of buzz flying around about how the US gov't. has lied to us regarding 9/11, how there was apparently no wreckage of the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania, etc.  Here's an article addressing those issues from the SF Chronicle, a bastion of liberal thinking if ever there was one.  Again, don't make assumptions until you read the article.

One and a half weeks until finals.  The Dude abides.