Good news on three fronts

Things are looking more positive at the DA's office.  I may feel like I'm being held back, but the truth is I've had at least as much experience as anyone else.  I did good work today and I didn't make any mistakes, at least not that I know of.

Had my Moot Court oral argument practice this afternoon.  It went better than I expected.  The TA said she could tell I'd put a lot of work into it.  Ha ha ha.

More success with linux, too.  I managed to get the following things working: scanner, mp3 ripper, remote access, file sharing, and my graphics card.  Maybe I'll push my luck and try to add another fancy feature tonight.

Oh, and I've started listening to Russian language tapes.  They're really good.  I now know how to say: "Excuse me, can you tell me, where is Red Square?  Is Red Square here?  No?  Is it over there?"  Also: "Would you like something to eat or something to drink?  Not now?  Maybe later?  Where would you like to eat--my place or your place?  I would also like something to eat."  I got to use my mad skillz when I came home and cooked dinner for Yelena.  Yay for me!

Oh, and Yelena hired a mover for this weekend.  So, everything is falling into place.  The weather is crappy and I still have a lot of work to do, and I am still stressed about work, but things are definitely looking up.