Grandma Ethel's Brisket with Tzimmes


Best brisket I've ever made, and I've made a few.
For those who don't know, tzimmes is a sweet & savory mixture of potatoes, carrots, and dried fruit (in this case prunes).  It's a very traditional Yiddish dish and adds a ton of authenticity to the brisket.  Naturally, everything is cooked in the same pot, so the tzimmes soaked up a lot of beef flavor.  If it hadn't been for the brisket itself, the tzimmes would have stolen the show.  I may be adding this to my next Passover meal, and that's saying a lot.  Our Passover dinner has slowly evolved over time to only include the absolute best dishes we've ever had, and each year it gets better.  So when I say this dish is Passover-worthy, that is just about the highest praise I can give it.  (But, still not sure it's better than the carrot pudding.)
The brisket is good for the same reason brisket is always good: it's slow cooked in a large oven-safe dish with vegetables and fruit (in this case tzimmes).  If you do it right, it should literally melt in your mouth.
Just one tip: cut way back on the prunes.  They make you poop.  The flavor is fantastic, but the tzimmes will survive with a fraction of what the recipe calls for.  Tzimmes allows for other dried fruit, like raisins or even dried apple slices.  Hmm, I'm already getting ideas for the next one . . .