The hearing is continued

EDIT: Microsoft can't seem to get their act straight. One minute, I can download the file, but it's VERY SLOW. Next minute I can't download at all. Then I can, and it's super fast. Then I can't again. I've reorganized this post to give a thrilling blow-by-blow. Original post below.

9:00 pm
So the "Community Preview Program" version of Windows Vista has finally been released, and I went to download my authorized copy. It started out nice, but then slowed to a crawl; it said 34 hours remaining! I tried canceling the download and starting over, but it gave me this notice. So I'm gonna go get the same exact file from BitTorrent.

Is that unethical/illegal, for me to essentially get a "pirated" version? No, because Microsoft Corporation has authorized me to have this file. What do they care where I get it? Of course I'd prefer to have an "authorized" version, you always have to be careful with what you get off the web if it's not from a trusted source.

But the truth is MS should have used bittorrent for this release anyway. It would have solved their "servers can't handle it" problem. Other companies have used bittorrent to successfully distribute files (such as Blizzard).

Once again, the bottom line is: Microsoft still isn't getting it right, and I can do it better elsewhere.

9:30 pm

Minutes after I posted my snippy blog, Microsoft fixed their download problem. So once again the theme is: "Maybe they'll get it right this time." I'll still be asleep before the file finishes downloading tonight, but given the fact that it's three gigs I won't hold that against them. Tomorrow is Friday night, and this weekend I'll be out of town, but I'll be sure to post about my adventures once I start playing with Vista!

10:00 pm

I tried to restart the download again but it wouldn't let me. Screw it, I'm using bittorrent. Yar.

8:00 am next morning

Linux has trouble staying awake overnight.  I don't know why.  That's another issue.  Anyway neither of my torrents downloaded, so this morning I rebooted into windows and tried the MS download link again.  It's going pretty fast, by the time I get home today it should be done.