Here we go again

I've decided to start running Linux again. You can blame this on my friend Curtis who kept telling me how great it is. Also, you can blame it on law school. How? Well, because of law school I'm playing a lot less computer games. And computer games are pretty much the only reason for me to be running Windows; everything else I need is available in Linux. Curtis assures me that the quality of the software for Linux is pretty much on par with Windows or Mac OS (last time I ran Linux that wasn't the case).

So, I took the plunge. The most popular flavor of Linux right now is Ubuntu, which is an African word meaning togetherness or something like that. Its goal is to be friendly and reliable. So far I have to say they're doing a great job! The installer was the fastest and easiest installer I've ever used, even easier than Windows XP. And faster. When it finally started up for the first time, it was GORGEOUS. Much prettier than XP. And it comes pre-loaded with most of the software I need, including Firefox. It immediately told me that new updates are available; I'm downloading 71 updates as we speak.

Of course, as soon as I'm done posting this I'm going to have to reboot back into Windows because Yelena needs to access my printer over the network. But I suspect that will also be an easy thing to configure on Linux in the near future. Linux is the network OS, after all.

Here we go again, another computer-related time sink for Jordan. Whee!