How to run Internet Explorer in Linux

IEs 4 Linux - Internet Explorers for Linux

Several people have put out scripts that claim to set up Wine (a Windows emulator for Linux) and install Internet Explorer for you, but this is the only one I've found that actually works.  I think that might partially be because Wine has been updated recently and this is the only one that is updated to the most recent version of Wine.

"But Jordan, there are so many great browsers for Linux that are better than IE.  Why on earth would you do this?"  Because I want to be able to run some Windows programs on Linux, and IE is often a prerequisite for other programs.  This is just a building block toward my goal of not running Windows any more.  "But if you're really just emulating Windows anyway, isn't that cheating?"  Well, no.  My ultimate goal is to get by without even doing that.  This is a transitional step.

And you know what?  This just shows how much cooler Linux is.  Windows cannot run Windows programs with the same level of speed, stability, and security that Linux can.