How to view Canon raw files in Linux

I figured it out before, but it doesn't work since I upgraded.  One more reason why it's not a good idea to install a beta OS.  Anyway, since I didn't post my solution last time, I had to redo my research.  The good news is I found a much better system: GQview.  I can use Ubuntu's automated installation program, Synaptic, but it installs an older version of GQview that doesn't do what I want.  So I did it the hard way: go to the website, download the source file, compile it and install it myself.  I ran into a problem: the compiler complained that I didn't have the latest version of GTK+.  (GTK+ is a set of code that people can use when they want to design a graphics program on linux.)  But I checked, I do have the latest version, but I didn't have the development libraries.  So I had to use Synaptic to get libgtk-dev.  Then I was able to compile & install GQview.

The program is great, it has a list of thumbnails on the side of the window, and when you click on one it shows the photo in the main window.  It can do simple image manipulation (like rotating the image) and it has an option to open the program in GIMP.  (GIMP is the linux version of Photoshop, and it's free.)  The best part: it will read Canon raw files from my camera.  This piece of software is as good as any equivalent piece of software on the PC.  Awesome.

Maybe now I can catch up on my photo backlog . . . !