I'll Totally Start Posting More Often

I really wish I could say "sorry I haven't posted in so long, I'll totally start posting more often."  But that's not really true.  A plain blog doesn't really fit my update style any more.  The truth is I have been posting prolifically, on Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube.  Lots of work-related stuff, lots of pictures of the kids.  Random cool links go on Pinterest.

So, beyond all those things, what's new?  Not a whole lot.  Things are going great at the airport.  Every single day I'm glad I switched careers.  Web design is so much more fulfilling and exciting.  It's stable and reliable and I know I'm doing a good job providing for my family.  Money isn't important until you need it to keep your family sheltered and fed.  ("Need" is relative of course, but being able to provide my family with a middle class lifestyle is a source of pride for me.  I'll be paying off my law school debt for the next 15 years, but that debt is no longer crippling.)

I'm actually posting to share an awesome new thing I just discovered on the internet: Quora.  It's not really new at all.  It's a question-and-answer site, but so far the questions have been sophisticated and smart and the answers have been intelligent and interesting as hell.  Here's the list from my welcome email:

  • Does someone who was born with a hearing loss "hear" an inner voice?
     (Answered by a deaf ASL speaker and professional writer)
  • How does it feel to be targeted by a sniper?
     (Answered by a US Army Infantry recon soldier)
  • What is it like to have a photographic (eidetic) memory?
     (Answered by a person with eidetic memory and an IQ of 180)

I first stepped into this world because someone had asked which web host was better, Pantheon or Acquia?  The question received responses from the CEO of each company.  Both responses were even handed and honest and praised their competition.  I think that's what turns me on the most.  It seems like most of the internet is populated by screaming monkeys, but here's an enclave where people are having thoughtful, sophisticated discussions.  Fuck yeah.

If you want to know what I'm up to, take a peek at Twitter and Flickr.  Or give me a call - that still works.  :-)