Jordan's Tax-and-Spend Voter Guide

I long ago made peace with the fact that I'm a "tax and spend liberal."  But, see, it's okay when I like what the government is spending money on.  Here's a brief recommendation on how to vote.

Proposition 30: Yes

Increase taxes to pay for education.  My son is about to start public school (in the next couple years).  I like education.

Proposition 31: No

Hey, you know how our state government is fucked up because of constitutional amendments?  Let's add another one!

My real reason for voting against is that it will wreak havoc with important state laws like pollution, public safety, and labor laws.  I don't want Orange County using this as an excuse to start polluting more.

Proposition 32: No

Blatant power play by special interests, trying to gut unions in California.  Unions are the solution, not the problem.

Proposition 33: No

The car insurance companies think this is a good idea, which means it's probably not.

Proposition 34: Yes

Abolish the death penalty.  My problem isn't against the morality of the death penalty; I think God is absolutely fine with it.  My problem is that it's actually more expensive than life in prison.  Also, innocent people sometimes get killed.  That bothers the hell out of me, and it should bother you too.

Proposition 35: Yes

Harsher penalties for human trafficking.  What's not to like?

Proposition 36: Yes

Three strikes is a nice idea, except not really.  Add the fact that we've got a horrible overcrowding problem in California.  A federal judge ordered the state to reduce the prison population, and this gives us a chance to have some control over that.  Why should someone go to prison for life for stealing bread?

Proposition 37: Yes

I was ambivalent about this one because, frankly, I don't see what the problem is with GMO's.  But Yelena pointed out that more information is always a good thing.  I can still buy GMO food if I want, where's the harm in knowing?  (The harm, of course, is to evil corporations who want to feed us evil things without admitting it.)

Proposition 38: Yes

More taxes for education.  Makes my bleeding heart go pitter-pat.

Proposition 39: Yes

We have to balance the California budget.  We can either do that by cutting important programs like education, health care, and fire departments.  Or we can raise revenue.  I like that one, let's do that.

Proposition 40: Yes

The people who backed Prop 40 are now saying "never mind," but other people still think it's a good idea.  And I think the State Supreme Court agrees.  Good enough for me.

SF Prop A: Yes

More taxes for education!  Never gets old.

SF Prop B: Yes

Bond to improve city parks.  Includes $9 million for Golden Gate Park.  I play there with my child almost every week.  Yes, this will increase city debt later.  I trust my local government to handle it.

SF Prop C: Yes

Helps low-income people safely buy homes in SF.  I've been worried for years about the flight of low- and middle-income people from SF.  I believe this will help fix it.

SF Prop D: Yes

Increase voting for low-level politicians and save money.  The opposition did nothing but quote Pericles.  Not convinced.

SF Prop E: Yes

Changes how businesses are taxed in SF.  Right now businesses are taxed more if they add jobs.  This will fix that, and increase revenue for the city.  Sounds good to me.

SF Prop F: No

Destroy Hetch Hetchy?  No thanks.  I like my delicious water and clean energy.

SF Prop G: No

It's not that I agree with Citizens United, because I don't.  But the City and County of San Francisco doesn't have any power over the United States Supreme Court, and they're wasting their time with grandstanding.  I'd rather see them stay out of national politics and focus on actually helping San Francisco.

For President: Barack Obama

It's not just that I don't trust Romney and can't even tell what he stands for.  Like most liberals, I was disappointed by Obama, but the truth is he accomplished an awful lot.  Credit card protections for consumers, equal pay for women, Obamacare, ended the war in Iraq, ending the war in Afghanistan, and killed bin Laden.  Bush didn't do it in 8 years; Obama did it in less than 3.  Yes the economy isn't out of the hole yet, but as a country we are way, way better off than we were 4 years ago.  Unemployment is under 9%, American industry has been saved, and we added 170,000 jobs last month.  Let's not forget what a Republican administration means.  It means things like homophobia, outlawing abortion, and bans on stem cell research.  I suspect that Romney is really more liberal than he would like to admit, but I'm not willing to bet on it.  Obama accomplished quite a lot in the last four years; I want him to keep going.