Koplowicz & Sons

I am pleased to announce my new professional website, Koplowicz & Sons.  It's the product of several weeks' worth of effort.  In the process, I taught myself several new technologies, including:

  • SASS & compass (with Zen 5.1 and Zen Grids)
  • HTML5
  • Off-canvas menus
  • Drupal 7 multisite
  • Drupal 7 form API
  • git
  • Drupal aliases
  • Aptana integrated development environment

Add in a dash, a smidgen, okay a lot of public domain artwork, and voila.  There's a blog and a brand new portfolio of my work.  Try it on a mobile device; it's even fancier.  I'll be submitting the theme to Drupal.org when I have time.  I also have a handful of modules in the works.  But first I'm starting a new contract on Monday which I'm excited about.

Stay tuned!