Moment of Enlightenment Killed by Wife's Common Sense

The following story seemed so noteworthy it appeared on the front page of Yahoo! News: Strict parenting linked to overweight kids - Yahoo! News

Turns out, as the headline implies, that authoritarian parents raise fat kids. Parents who are "flexible," but involved, are more likely to raise healthy children. But get this--parents who are overly lax or "neglectful" also raise fat children! I thought this was a fascinating window into proper child rearing, and I shared it with my wife, who was using our wireless high-speed internet to create a VPN to the university so she could do scientific things. Without even turning around, she replied: "So in other words, find the golden middle."


I'm glad I spent five minutes of my life reading an article about a study in order to figure out something I already knew. Also, why am I contemplating child-rearing strategies, while my wife employs sophisticated technology to do scientific things? I'm concerned.

Yelena just corrected me. She's using the VPN to "create a patient case presentation on drug-induced acute pancreatitis." I don't even know what the pancreas is. My shame is absolute.