New Kid, New Gallery

It's time to upload some photos of Aaron (since he's almost 2 weeks old) but my old photo gallery stopped working.  It was getting pretty long in the tooth anyway; the software behind it (Gallery2) is three years old.  It never integrated properly with Drupal and took a lot of work to maintain.  It's still active for, and you can still access all the old photos and features at

The new gallery uses the Gallery Assist module for Drupal.  It's also a little old, because my blog is stuck in D6.  And it's missing some of the nifty features of Gallery2, like the ability to order prints (if anyone still does that).  But it has advantages:

  • It's an actual Drupal module so it integrates much better
  • Integrates with CoolIris, so viewing photos is much, much cooler.  Check out full screen mode!
  • Share photos or the whole gallery with Facebook or Twitter

It also kept all the features I wanted, like bulk upload, and it can import from galleries already on the server, so you should expect to see all my old galleries re-uploaded soon.  Anything else you want to see?  Just ask.