New links

I just discovered that my friend Julie Wu has a blog.  Julie, you're now in my blogroll.  Add me to yours!  Add me!  Add me!

Also, since I just moved, I've added a new "contact info" page with my address and phone number.  I'll also be adding things like driving directions and a satellite photo.  Of course, this page is password protected.  If you want the password, ask me for it.  It's the same password I use to password-protect some of my posts.  The idea isn't to keep people out; the idea is to make my site available to everyone, with extra content for my friends & family.

Other than that, no real news.  Unpacking continues.  I also discovered that I can't expect to get better than 18 Mbps on my desktop wireless card.  Turns out the networking companies (Netgear, DLink, Linksys, etc.) intentionally design the desktop wireless cards to not work as well as the laptop wireless cards.  They do this to encourage you to buy a laptop.  Screw you guys!