OS Review: Kubuntu

Thumbs up.  Way up.

Kubuntu is a version of Linux.  It's a variation of the very popular Ubuntu.  When I had to reinstall everything on my computer I decided to try Kubuntu instead.  I like it more.  Kubuntu uses something called KDE; Ubuntu uses Gnome instead.  There are a lot of programs that were designed for KDE, and I've decided I just like it better.  Better layout, better control.

The one thing that was difficult was getting Compiz running again.  I thought after last time I'd gotten the hang of it, but since I'm using a different OS the installation was a little different.  There aren't as many "how-to"'s for Compiz on Kubuntu, but I finally found one that was really excellent: check it out.  He also uses Wordpress for his blog.  Props to Flavor 8!

Now my big decision is: do I reinstall windows too?  If I do, I know it's going to mess with linux again.  But can I really manage to survive without windows on my desktop computer?

Let's find out.