Potato Leek Soup


Soul food.  Not a desert island dish, but darn close.  Our local organic basket kept sending us potatoes and leeks, so I decided to go with a classic.  Glad I did.  This recipe is everything you want potato leek soup to be.
I substituted pareve beef stock for the chicken stock, to keep it kosher.  (The beef bullion cubes I get at the supermarket are actually pareve; go figure.)  I also used 2% milk instead of heavy cream and it didn't seem to matter - this recipe is still super rich and luscious.  I used French fingerling potatoes instead of russet, because that's what they sent me.  And no salt or pepper, as usual.
One tip: This soup is very thick, more like a stew.  I ended up using twice as much beef stock as the recipe called for, and it was still very thick, and got even thicker after a couple days in the fridge.  (For those who don't know, soups are always better a day or two later.  Try it, it's a Thing.)
This may not be The Greatest Dish In The Entire World, but that's only because there's such stiff comeptition at the top.  Next time I have potatoes and leeks in the fridge, I'm making this again.