Roman Spiced Squash


This recipe is from another source that is unspeakably awesome: Inn at the Crossroads.  These people make food based on the phenomenal fantasy series by George RR Martin, recently made into an HBO TV series.  I don't know how I didn't notice this while I was reading the books, but they are redolent with descriptions of food.  Turns out that all these foods are pretty authentic for the early medieval period.  (Concidence?  You'd have to ask GRRM.)  Something else I never knew: we have Roman recipes.  I mean recipes that were used during the time of the Roman Empire.  I don't know how on earth these things got preserved, but for a history buff like me, it's pretty spectacular.  So, when the local organic box showed up with more squash than I knew what to do with, I was excited to try out this recipe for Roman spiced squash.  
Unfortunately, something was lost in the execution.  The sauce never baked into a glaze, but just kinda sat around the bottom of the squash pieces and stewed in the oven.  Maybe it's because I made too many substitutions: winter squash for sugar pumpkin; sherry for port.  I think my version had less natural sugar in it, which is important if you're trying to do a glaze.
Even with these failures, the dish was delicious, which is why it still gets 3/5.  But I'm not sure I'm going to try again.  Like the men of the Night's Watch, I know when it's time to admit defeat.  But that does nothing to lessen my love of Inn at the Crossroads; expect to see more reviews of their awesome work soon.