Star Trek Haiku

From the "I can't believe I never posted this" department.  I was digging through some old files and found this gem from law school.  Warning: These will get a little raunchy.  I blame law school.

Extra special credit to my friend Tony for the first one:

Enter Ensign Rand

Rand receives the Captain's Log

Exit ensign rammed

I criticized his style for not being zenlike, and he pointed out that jagermeister "will throttle your zen quite quickly."  True.  Here's his next entry:

Token black female

Opens hailing frequency

Kirk needs no invite

Of course, there was no such thing as a "token" black female in 1969, but Tony knew that.

These are mine:

Ensign wears short skirt

 Entry with the captain's log

 Thank you Nurse Chappel


Plays with the crystals

 Likes to crawl in Jeffrey's tube

 Beam me up, Scotty

Tony gets the last word:

Scared hand presses glass

In blessing to those he saved

Needs of the many, Jim