Had my final yesterday.  My second year at law school is over.  Hallelujah.  Today I am engaging in my traditional post-finals celebration. I've done this after almost every term since freshman year of undergrad.  I'm staying in bed all day and playing a computer game.  The tradition is to play Civilization.  (I've played every version of that game; Civ I was the first game I ever bought, along with Myst.  Amy and Sarah played it too.  Ah, the memories!  I also played Civ II, Alpha Centauri, and most recently Civ III.)  I even had it installed on my laptop already (presumably from last summer), but I couldn't find the CD.  Darn.  And, oddly, it seems that there are no no-cd cracks to be had online for that game.  Everyone has upgraded to Civ III Conquests, Civ III Play The World, or Civ IV.  Maybe it's time for me to go out and buy Civ IV.

But that shan't ruin my day of sloth.  I've got my Pirates! CD right here.  It may be a break from tradition (because it's not Civilization), but at least it's made by the same guy, Sid Meier.  He's arguably the greatest single mind in computer games (maybe other than the Rand brothers who did the Myst series).

Now it's time to start worrying about what I'm going to do for the next month.  I'm not going to spend the entire month in bed playing Pirates (although I'm sure I could).  I've got friends & family to visit, an apartment to unpack . . .   Yelena's worried that our new hamster may have fur mites because he scratches himself.  In my opinion he's not scratching himself any more than normal.  But Yelena worries.  So we're gonna replace the food & bedding for him, and probably by anti-mite spray and spray down the entire cage.  Our apartment is going to turn into a Biohazard Level IV laboratory.  But hopefully he doesn't have mites.  And if he does, hopefully he can get over them without having to go to the vet like Rosie.  She was old and frail and he's young and healthy.

Oh, and I don't have any plans for this weekend.  Hmm . . .