This blog is different.  Can you tell?  Probably not, which was the point.

My web host did an upgrade, which broke my blog.  The truth is this is a good thing; PHP 5.2 hasn't been supported in a very long time, and Drupal 6 is very quickly approaching End of Life.  It was time to upgrade.

Fortunately, Koplowicz.com is pretty simple these days, simply serving as a old fashioned blog.  Most of my content gets generated on other services; see the "follow me" block on the right.  I'm planning on redoing the entire website to reflect the realities of Web 3.0, but I've got other, more important things to do first.  They're going to be pretty cool.  Stay tuned.

Migrating all my old content was its own ordeal, but blogging about that will also have to wait for another time.  In the mean time, all my old content should be here, including all my blog entries since 2004, and Daddy in the Kitchen.  If you see anything missing, please let me know.