Using Linux is a Zen experience

  1. Achieving Enlightenment takes a lot of hard work.
  2. You get to know your computer on a deeper level.
  3. Once you've seen the light, everything else falls into place. Apple's "Happy Mac" facade drops away and all you see is corporate greed.
  4. You stop caring about the fact that the vast majority of people use an inferior OS. You recognize it as part of the order of things.
  5. Religious zeal is gone. You don't feel the need to convert everyone you know.
  6. You realize that it isn't for everyone.  The masses are not yet ready for it.
  7. It doesn't cost a thing. Legitimate religion is free, and so is legitimate OS.
  8. The problems of other OS's don't plague you any more (spyware, viruses, etc.)
  9. It's exactly what you want.  It is perfect in every way.  Menu bars on the top of the screen or the bottom?  Your choice.  Your will is no longer subjugated to the whims of Bill or Steve.  You are free to make your own user interface choices.
  10. It's beautiful. Oh my Lordy is it beautiful.