Webcams are awesome!

My mom just called me from Hawaii. She was walking down a beach and noticed that it has a webcam, so I looked it up online. I was able to see and talk to my mom in realtime even though she's halfway around the world. Awesome.

Here she is

Also awesome: me. My brand new leather jacket got a hole in the pocket (dammit) so I wheeled out the sewing machine to fix it. But it was late at night, I haven't sewn anything in like half a year, and for some reason it just wasn't working right. I threaded it and re-threaded it, read the manual over and over, and couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Finally, I decided to start taking it apart. Turns out the bobbin carriage was loose. I put it back properly, and the thing worked like a charm.

I fixed a sewing machine. That's how much man I am.

Gonna go to Santa Cruz today, even though I'm behind on my homework. I've got tomorrow off (ha ha, suckers!) so I can do it then.

Rock on!


P.S.: I am also awesome because I am a blog master.  I figured out how to imbed pictures in my blog, and I fixed the formatting problems in the menu (notice it looks better now?).