What's happening at work?

This is the short version.  If you want more detail, give me a call.

Things were getting pretty bad.  I was getting ready to quit.  Then a higher-level supervisor came up from the Redwood City office and we talked for like an hour and a half.  He was able to explain to me certain things that my direct supervisor wasn't able to explain.  She was trying, she just didn't do a good job.  Turns out she's a very promising young attorney with little if any management experience.  She seems to do fine when she's dealing with experienced, professional attorneys who already know what they're doing.  I don't think she knows how to deal with someone like me.

But I'm in the clinical program.  This is supposed to be a learning and training process for me.  The assumption is I come in not know what I'm doing and it's their job to guide me.

Anyway, this higher-level supervisor made things much clearer.  Turns out I wasn't really being unfairly judged, nor was I being singled out, nor does my direct supervisor actually hate me.  When this higher-level supervisor explained things, I realized what I was doing wrong and decided that this was something I could fix.  So I went back to my direct supervisor and asked for another chance, which I was given.

The past two weeks I've made a lot of progress and I've gotten positive feedback.  So, I'm on the right track and I feel a lot better about it.  I have two weeks left and I'm glad I stayed.  I am proud that I've turned things around and didn't give up.  My overall feeling about the office is good now.  I'm doing interesting work and getting really excellent experience that will serve me in good stead, regardless of where I work in the future.
However, another product of this whole thing is that I'm no longer sure whether I want to be a prosecutor.  I'm not even sure if I want to practice law.

I'm still going to finish my degree at Hastings.  A JD is a useful degree even if you don't want to practice law.  Especially a JD from a top-tier school.  What will I do?  I don't know.  Maybe work for a corporate firm?  Maybe work for a dot-com?  I have a lot of connections to the dot-com world, maybe I'll work in an office somewhere.  Computers have always been an interest, why shouldn't I get a job that incorporates that?

Perhaps my biggest complaint about working for the DA is that they expect you to put on an act.  If you know me, you know that I like being natural and open.  I don't want to have to subdue my own personality every day.  I'm a people person.  I should find a job where my personality is an asset, not a liability.  I should find a job where I'll enjoy walking in every morning.

I have a year left.  I've signed up for a bunch of business and technology-related classes for the fall, that'll give me some good knowledge and training if I choose to switch tracks.  Meanwhile, I'm still working at the SF DA this summer.  We'll see how I like that.  If I have a really good time, maybe I'll stay in criminal law.

If I decide to do something else, I still have plenty of time to figure out what.