The writing on the wall . . .

. . . spells L-I-N-U-X.  Here are some new Linux-related articles I've come across:

More users would rather switch to Linux than upgrade to Vista: The new version of Windows is going to be terrible.  Most people would rather stay with XP (which I'll admit is a good OS), but if you're going to switch to something, more people would rather switch to Linux than Vista or Macintosh!  How about THAT for a statistic?  (Of course, we don't know how many people were surveyed, and this was on a techie website so we obviously have a biased population to begin with.)

Windows program to automatically download & install your software: I'm putting this under the Linux category because not only does Linux do this, but you don't even need to open a program.  Just type "apt-get install" and the name of your software.  Good for Windows for the imitation, but you still aren't as good as Linux.

Guy almost convinces his girlfriend to switch to Linux: I'm going to have to have a talk with Yelena tonight.

PS: Went to the Castro last night, it was awesome.  Stay tuned for pics, etc.