This is your brain on law school.

fried egg

Any questions?

It's 3:20 am and I just finished a rough rough draft of my moot court brief. It's still missing a lot of stuff, I'll have a lot of details to fill in tomorrow. But the basic framework is there, and that's the most important part. I've been working on this thing for the last 16 hours. About an hour ago I realized I was arguing in the wrong direction and had to make a logical about-face. Anyway, the hard part is done. Tomorrow I can finish it up.

There's no way I'm getting up in three hours to go to work. I'm going to call in and tell them I'm coming in late. They don't have anything for me to do anyway, at least not until my certification comes in. Hopefully they'll understand.

Didn't end up going to SC yesterday, turns out nothing was actually happening. I should have worked on my brief then.

Some good news: Yelena and I went to the Russian store today and stocked up on some goodies. We also went to the kosher butcher which happens to be next to the Russian store and is run by Russian Jews. Although apparently that's just a coincidence. Anyway, we picked up some hard salami for Yelena (it's going to hang in the kitchen for the next week), and some corned beef for me. OH MY GOD. It's probably been ten years since I've had corned beef, but it's as good as I remember.

Maybe I'll dream of corned beef sandwiches tonight.