Sleep Training Advice

My boys are both well past the sleep training phase, but I was recently asked for my advice, so here it is:

- treat daytime and nighttime different.  At night, the curtains go down, lights get dim, voices get soft, no more playing or exciting interactions.

- bedtime routines are important.  Do the same things in the same order every night.  Pajamas, story, lullaby, then lights out.

I'm Back!

The truth is I never left; I've just been active on other parts of the internet.  For the new year, I finally fixed that, with a new home page that accurately reflects where I am online these days.  Please follow and engage; that's the whole point, right?  Also let me know what you think about the t-shirt idea.


Professional networking, and the occasional industry-related post.  Only for business contacts I already know.


Mostly professional tweets.


Facebook is my social network for personal friends & family - people I hang out with IRL.


Most of my new content goes here.  This is the best place to find cute kids.

Passover in 2017

Yes, this is another trite screed about refugees.  But it's heartfelt.

Passover is coming up, and so for family movie night we watched the Prince of Egypt.  We were watching the scene where the Jews are finally able to leave Egypt, and I turned to Yelena and wondered aloud: "Is this how my grandparents felt when they were liberated from the Holocaust?*  Is this how your family felt when you left Soviet Russia?"

I Was Wrong

Turns out, I didn’t know what was going on.
To be fair, we were coming off of 8 years of liberal dominance.  The Republicans were in disarray.  All the conventional wisdom pointed to a Clinton landslide - even the polls did.  So what went wrong?  I don’t know; I’m going to wait for smarter people to try to answer that question for me.

"We have sinned against you by mocking"

We need to stop making fun of Trump.  No, I’m being serious.  I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but the bombing in North Carolina over the weekend showed me it’s time to say something.

Last week, I took a day off to atone.  It was Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.  During the Vidui, the Confession, I recited the following:

We have sinned against you by speaking perversely;

Things to Do in San Francisco

From an email I wrote to a cousin a long time ago, this really should be on a web page:

Here are a few kid-friendly ideas, all of which are in East Bay:

- Fairyland.  It's like a mini Disney Land, but way cheaper.  It's all the classic fairy tales.  The kids will LOVE it.  You could spend all day here.


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