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I am pleased to announce my new professional website, Koplowicz & Sons.  It's the product of several weeks' worth of effort.  In the process, I taught myself several new technologies, including:

Petition to Let Texas Secede: Lowdown on the Hoedown

There's been a fair bit of buzz on a petition to let Texas secede from the Union.  The logic is (a) they want to, and (b) the rest of us would be better off without them.  It's hilarious nonsense, of course, but let's look at why.

New Kid, New Gallery

It's time to upload some photos of Aaron (since he's almost 2 weeks old) but my old photo gallery stopped working.  It was getting pretty long in the tooth anyway; the software behind it (Gallery2) is three years old.  It never integrated properly with Drupal and took a lot of work to maintain.  It's still active for 69thnewyork.com, and you can still access all the old photos and features at koplowicz.com/gallery2.

Our Story in 1 Minute

Hat tip to APOD for turning me on to this.

Realistic Space Battles

Here's a 7,000 word essay on what realistic space battles would look like.  I don't agree with every point; I do think stealth would be useful, and I think regular machine guns would be useful too.  In addition, the essay briefly considers the fact that any adequately large battleship, or even space freighter, could be a dangerous weapon against a land target like a city, but doesn't really deal with the strategic implications of that.  Here are a few brief thoughs on that subject:

Monday Morning, You Sure Look Fine

It is with great pride that we announce the arrival of the newest member of the Koplowicz family.

The Life of Hurricane Sandy - From Space

Maybe I should have a new category on my site for "This is Fucking Crazy."  Here's Sandy's life over a one week period, from ravaging Cuba to climbing up the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Watching it from space gives a kind of antisceptic feel to the entire thing.  You know terrible destruction is been wreaked below.  Kinda reminds me of the view from a battlecruiser:

Star Trek Haiku

From the "I can't believe I never posted this" department.  I was digging through some old files and found this gem from law school.  Warning: These will get a little raunchy.  I blame law school.

Republicans: It's Gonna Be Okay

Republicans: You now have two choices for the next four years.  You can find common ground with your fellow Americans and work toward a future we can all enjoy, or you can be whiny little bitches.

Jordan's Tax-and-Spend Voter Guide

I long ago made peace with the fact that I'm a "tax and spend liberal."  But, see, it's okay when I like what the government is spending money on.  Here's a brief recommendation on how to vote.


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