Tales from the Underbelly: Potty Training

A friend of mine recently asked on Facebook how you potty train your child.  I can't say I'm an expert; Nathan isn't there yet.  But I've learned a lot along the way, and read a fair amount.  Here's my wisdom, for what it's worth:

Ease into it.  Buy the potty and introduce it to him before you start actual potty training.  Tell him that this is his special thing just for him.  Let him sit on it with his pants on just to try it out.  He's not used to being in the bathroom so make it a fun, familiar experience before you get him to drop trou.

Product Reviews: Sonic.net + DirecTV

Like every single other person in San Francisco, I had Comcast for television and internet, and AT&T for telephone service.  And like every single other person in San Francisco, I got sick of them.

Dating, Particle Physics Style

courtesy of SMBC

19th Century Kippah

Every once in a while I blog about something that, I suspect, is interesting to no one but me.  And yet, 1,400 monthly visitors prove otherwise.  Nevertheless, this may be one of those times.

The question is: What did Jews wear on their heads in America in the early 1860's?

Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich: Sweet and Delicious

Ice Cream Sandwich is the tasty new version of Android.  A lot of the latest Android phones have gotten it already, but the Droid Bionic is still waiting.  Waiting so long, in fact, it's starting to get embarassing.  The truth is Motorola has been working on it, and a few very good "beta" versions have leaked to the web.  So good, in fact, people are starting to wonder what they're waiting for.  Personally, I got impatient and decided to take matters into my own hands.

Look What I Made

Well ok, God made the heavens, but I made this.

Ever wonder what it would be like to stand on a moon of Mars and look up at the night sky?  What about Jupiter?  Saturn?  Here you go:

The Fight for Your (Thin) Desktop

For a while now I've felt that the Linux desktop isn't just "as good as" Windows / Mac OS; it's better.  But is such an issue even relevant, as everything goes to the cloud?  Yes - here's why.

Beethoven's 9th: The Original Mashup

I don't think you realize just how awesome Beethoven's 9th really is.  Beethoven was a rebel in his day - the original punk rocker - and he broke so many rules with his 9th Symphony it's amazing they didn't take away his baton.  (Actually they did; he co-conducted the first performance of the 9th but the "real" conductor told the orchestra to ignore Beethoven.)

Disneyland for Nerds

I went to Noisebridge for the first time today.  It's this incredible, magical place.  After spending all day there, I still can't believe it's real.

Too Low They Build Who Build Beneath the Stars

a.k.a. "Procrastination, 21st-century style."  I wanted a new skydome for my spinny cube (think: "computer desktop wallpaper").  I've got a space theme going on right now, and wanted a simple photograph of the Space Shuttle flying alone in orbit.  Turns out there aren't that many photographs of this, probably because it was rare for the shuttle to be orbiting near another manned spacecraft.  (Although not that rare; the shuttle docked with both Mir and the ISS.


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