Today the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act.  Here's why it's a good thing.

Break it Down: The Opinions of Paddy Magee

This song has a story behind it.  At Roaring Camp last month, someone dropped by my camp with a gift.  Sadly, I was out, and the benificent stranger didsn't stay around long enough to identify himself.  I still don't know who it was, but he gave me a copy of a wonderful album called The Irish Volunteer by David Kincaid.  There's some wonderful music on the disc, but this one in particular jumped out at me:

Break it Down: I'se the B'y

This is a new thing: breaking down historical songs.  If you know me, you know I love 18th-century folk songs, particularly Irish-American songs and sea chanties.  But I've found you enjoy it even more when you understand what they're saying.  First, an old favorite, I'se the Bye.  I grew up on this song, and I used to believe that I was, in fact, the Boy.


There's been a lot of noise--a lot of noise--about how Facebook's stock went down immediately after the IPO.  "Facebook now has an unlike button: NASDAQ!  Hee hee!"  Here's the truth.

It's Official

I've switched careers and am now a full-time web developer.  My last legal contract job finished two weeks ago, and I informed the temp agency that I was not interested in doing more.  Does this mean I'm no longer an attorney?  Not quite.

The case of the 500-mile email

I just read the 500-Mile Email Story for the first time.  (It's amazing how many internet memes I've missed.)  This story would be funny to anyone, I think, but it's going to be more funny for computer nerds, and I'll tell you why: our hubris.  When normal people have computer problems, we can typically fix them in less time that it would take to snort derisively (which we also do).  So many of their problems are things we've been advising them against for years, eg. "did you back up your work first?  When was the last time you scanned for viruses?

DOGHOUSE | Bed Cartography

If Engineers Ran Marketing

Compartmentalization Is Awesome

I've noticed that lately anything meaningful I have to say to my friends on Facebook has been drowned out by a million cute/funny things which I also post.  Because how could I not?  They're cute and funny!

Hellenistic Jews, Abortion, and Passover

This started as a Facebook argument between myself and some of my right-wing Christian and Catholic friends.  (For the record, I admire my friends and respect their faiths, even though they are different from my own.)  But the question arose: what is the Jewish position on abortion?  The truth is it's something I never researched heavily, so I did a little quick research and summarized it for my friends.  Nothing worth publishing, to be sure, but in the process I got to know my own faith even better, and I thanked my friends for prodding me into it.  (What does this have to do with the Jewish holiday of Passover?  Keep reading.)


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