Chaim Ozer Grodzinski

Shown here wearing a Hassidic-style hat, even though he was not a Hasid.  I'm wondering if he's simply wearing it because it's cold outside, and I wonder what he has on underneath (if anything).

Rogatchover Gaon

Another Belarussian Jew, Rav Rogatchover did not wear a kippah either.

Shimon Sofer

Rav Sofer continued the trend of younger Hungarian rabbis wearing kippot instead of larger head coverings.  He died at Auschwitz.

Yitzchok Friedman

The Hassidic rabbi wore an Hassidic hat.

Eliyahu David Rabinowitz-Teomim

I'm starting to notice a division: Jews from Southeastern Europe were more likely to wear large head coverings, and jews from Northeastern Europe were more likely to wear a small black velvet kippah, or nothing at all.

David Zvi Hoffmann

Zvi Yosef Resnick

Another large black cap, somewhere between the Russian-style fur cap and the more European style black velvet kippah.

Another "wheel cap" style head covering.  Head coverings seem to vary widly between different countries in Eastern Europe.

Eliezer Zussman-Sofer

Unlike the earlier Hungarian rabbis, Rav Zussman-Sofer is pictured wearing a smaller, simpler black velvet kippah, much more similar to what was being worn in other parts of Europe.  Perhaps it's because he's a generation younger.

Refael Shapiro

Another Russian rabbi wearing another large fur hat.


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