The Origin of 4/20

Edit: I meant to post this on 4/20 at 4:20, but then I forgot.  Which is somehow appropriate.
Someone on the radio today was wondering if it had something to do with Hitler's birthday, since he was apparently an environmentalist. (Although I'm not sure how many environmental impact studies they did on the blitzkreig strategy, and in any case I'm not sure what environmentalism has to do with smoking pot.) Good news: it doesn't.

Damn wireless

So I tried to upgrade my linux last night so it would do some really cool stuff.  And I ended up fucking up the entire thing, so I started to download the new CD.  (No, they haven't come out with a new version of Ubuntu, and they won't until June 1st, but they already have a pre-release version available.  Because I like playing with fire.)

So I walk into the living room this morning, and discover that the damn thing downloaded for about five minutes after I left the room, then it gave up.  Fucker.  That means I can't reinstall linux now, I have to wait another 5 hours.  Which means I'm stuck using Windoze.  "Khhhhaaaaannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!"

The Dude abides (and other news)

That's an awesome quote from a neat movie, the Big Lebowski. Which is playing at the Red Vic tonight. I'm gonna go see it with some friends. Speaking of the Red Vic, the Haight Ashbury Beat says that the Red Vic is gonna start selling alcohol. A movie house with tons of personality that plays indy films and cult classics, and sells booze. Hell yeah.

Product Review: Netgear 108 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

Thumbs down.  Way down.  Don't buy Netgear.

This is a product most people will never buy (although a friend of mine, Stephanie Lessman, bought one once).  It's a wireless internet card for your desktop computer.  Most people have ethernet in their desktops and a built-in wireless card in their laptop (or a PC-MCIA card in their laptop).

So why did I get one?  Because in my new apartment, the phone jack is way on the other side of the apartment from my computer.  Rather than string an ethernet cable across the entire apartment, I opted for wireless.

New links

I just discovered that my friend Julie Wu has a blog.  Julie, you're now in my blogroll.  Add me to yours!  Add me!  Add me!

Show Review: Snowshow

Thumbs up.  Way up.

The first thing you need to understand is Russian clowns aren't like American clowns.  Think Charlie Chaplin or Marcel Marceau.  They did a series of short routines, with music, lights, and special effects.  It was alternatively charming, funny, or really really cool.  It was original, artistic, and incredibly creative and original.  A real pleasure for any age.  Playing in SF and New York (on Broadway).

Feeling the heat

Just a couple years ago I read an interview with Bill Gates.  The interviewer asked him if he felt threatened by the fact that the number of Linux users grows by like 2000% every year.  He sneered and said "2000% of 100 users is still an infantesimal amount."  He basically said that Windows is still the giant and no, he's not concerned about the growth of Linux.

What's happening at work?

This is the short version.  If you want more detail, give me a call.

Bad hiring practice

The Hastings career center recently sent out a warning:

Hastings has problems.

Last week there was a big brouhaha with the wireless internet on campus.


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