Middle East

Shlomo Moussaieff

Also moved to Jerusalem.  He wore a large black kippah that seems much more modern.

Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Moved to Israel and helped found the Haredi community in Jerusalem.  He wore a Haredi hat.  So, we're already starting to see something that's recognizeably modern.

Yosef Hayyim

Also moved to Israel.  I don't know whether that turban is more Iraqi or Israeli. 

Makhlouf Eldaoudi

Also moved to Israel.  He wore . . . I can't really tell.  It's a large black head covering.  Maybe a turban?

Jacob Saphir

Moved to Israel and adopted the local head covering: still a turban.

Solomon Eliezer Alfandari

Moved to Damascus and then Israel.  He wore a Turkish head covering.

Jacob Saul Elyashar

Raphael Meir Panigel

Raphael Meir Panigel and Jacob Saul Elyashar were both Sephardic rabbis in Jerusalem, born in 1804 and 1817, respectively.  They both wore turbans.

Yaakov Abuhatzeira

He wore a turban like his Moroccan neighbors.

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