First day at the SF DA

I should really say, "first day back" since I worked there part-time in the fall.

Movie Reviews: Adaptation and Human Nature

Thumbs down.  For both of them.

Both movies were written by Charlie Kaufman, and I think both were directed by Spike Jones (at least Adaptation was).  Coming off their success with Being John Malkovich, Yelena & I expected good things from these two.  Unfortunately, they only seem to have one formula:

Damn Spammers

People who read my blog want me to know that I can get free ringtones, ring tones, payday loans, and personal loans.  Thanks a lot.

Solution: I've made it a little more secure.  You can still post--and I hope you will!--but your comments might be subject to approval before they get posted.

Just another case of the jerks ruining it for the good guys.


How to create a panorama in Linux

error: cannot run C compiled programs

Solution: make sure you're compiling the program on a drive that has execute permissions.  Turns out the permission table for a file is useless if the drive mount doesn't have the execute flag.  (My fat32 drive didn't have it turned on.  I could turn it on, but it's much simpler to just copy the source to my linux drive and compile there.)
"Can't run C compiled programs" on clean RH9 install -


Photo E-X-T-R-A-V-A-G-A-N-Z-A

What happens when Jordan has a headcold? He sits in front of his computer and catches up on his photo backlog. Here's what's new in the gallery:

Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code

Thumbs up, but barely.

First mistake: let Ron Howard direct.  I can just picture the conversation between Dan Brown and his agent:

Agent: "Great news Dan, I got Ron Howard as the director!"
Dan Brown: "Wow, I can't believe it!  How exciting!"

How to download bit torrents in Linux

Freeloader.  It's available via Synaptic.  Nice GUI, shows all downloads in a single window, handles regular downloads in addition to torrents, has all the features you need (such as the ability to throttle upload speeds), and isn't a resource hog.  Also, it will minimize to an icon in the menu bar.

Of course, I would only use it for legal downloads.  Unlike most public P2P networks, the bit torrent network has been used by companies for a lot of legal downloads.  I downloaded my Ubuntu installation CD's via bit torrent.

How to play a DVD in Linux

It's maddening how the simplest multimedia tasks become difficult in Linux.  Although to be fair, I had a lot of trouble playing DVD's in Windoze too.  In fact, really, I think I managed to get DVD's playing in Linux with a lot less effort than it took me with Windoze.

I finally figured it out

I've never really known what the difference was between Hispanic and Latino.  Given how sensitive racial sensibilities are in the modern world, I felt bad going around using one term if the other one was really appropriate.  For some strange reason, I don't have any friends who are Latino or Hispanic so I wasn't able to ask (and I never felt comfortable walking up to a stranger to ask).  That's where good ol' Wikipedia comes to the rescue:

Hispanic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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