Damn spammers, Part II

The spammers must have noticed that I'm moderating the comments now. My blog actually has a great system for that: if it's the first time you leave a comment, it holds it until I've had a chance to approve it. If you have successfully left a comment in the past, then it will let you through without sending it by me first. That's great because it lets my buddies get through with no hassle, but still stops the spam.

The Emperor finds out about Death Star mishap

Because hateful, bigotted ultra-right Christians need video games, too.

Jesus Loves A Machine Gun / It's the new 'Left Behind' video game, where you maim and murder and hate, all in God's name. Praise!

This is the best thing since the Palestinian-made video game where you're a terrorist attacking Israeli soldiers and civilians.  But check out the twist at the end of the article.  Brilliant.  I can play as a minion of Satan, gunning down those religious psychos?  I'd go for that.


Moment of Enlightenment Killed by Wife's Common Sense

The following story seemed so noteworthy it appeared on the front page of Yahoo! News: Strict parenting linked to overweight kids - Yahoo! News

"Time spent thinking is time spent not consuming."

Credit to Paul Peterson for this awesome quote.  It works in so many ways.

Using Linux is a Zen experience

  1. Achieving Enlightenment takes a lot of hard work.
  2. You get to know your computer on a deeper level.
  3. Once you've seen the light, everything else falls into place. Apple's "Happy Mac" facade drops away and all you see is corporate greed.
  4. You stop caring about the fact that the vast majority of people use an inferior OS. You recognize it as part of the order of things.
  5. Religious zeal is gone. You don't feel the need to convert everyone you know.

Canadian health care is better (in case there was any doubt)


EMBARGOED UNTIL: May 30, 2006 - 4:00 PM EST

Cambridge Health Alliance Researchers Find that U.S. residents are less healthy, less able to access health care than Canadians

How to rip CD's in Linux

Grip and lame.  'Nuff said.

Roaring Camp 2006

Last weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, was the Civil War reenactment at Roaring Camp. That's where my family started reenacting, 14 years ago. That makes this my 15th year of reenacting. Next year I think I'll get myself some service stripes.

I promised myself I'd post fewer pics this year, only the ones that turned out well (in the past I've saved a ton of pics even if they weren't good). But I'm posting over 100. Ah well. Anyway, here they are.

Bill is wooing me

EDIT: Just kidding, looks like Bill isn't wooing me that strongly.  Beta 2 is a closed beta and I can't actually get access.  I'll have to wait for the "CPP" in a couple weeks, when the floodgates open and everyone will be given the chance to download a beta of Vista.  In the mean time I'll just continue to sit in my Linux cave, resenting Micro$oft.  (Original post below)


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