Good blues internet radio

Home Page for the Atlanta Blues Society.  Because who doesn't want good blues?

How to host a local server on Linux

It's hard.  You basically have to edit the config file manually.  Here's the best "howto" I've found: Samba configuration

How to run Internet Explorer in Linux

IEs 4 Linux - Internet Explorers for Linux

Several people have put out scripts that claim to set up Wine (a Windows emulator for Linux) and install Internet Explorer for you, but this is the only one I've found that actually works.  I think that might partially be because Wine has been updated recently and this is the only one that is updated to the most recent version of Wine.

OS Review: Kubuntu

Thumbs up.  Way up.

Kubuntu is a version of Linux.  It's a variation of the very popular Ubuntu.  When I had to reinstall everything on my computer I decided to try Kubuntu instead.  I like it more.  Kubuntu uses something called KDE; Ubuntu uses Gnome instead.  There are a lot of programs that were designed for KDE, and I've decided I just like it better.  Better layout, better control.

Congratulations Matt & Sarah

IMG_4196a.JPGThis weekend I was hired to be the official photographer at the wedding of Matt Gilbert and Sarah Harvey. I've known Matt and his family for a long, long time, and I was flattered that they asked me to be their photographer. I took about 1,000 shots, filling about 3.5 gigabytes, and going through six NiMH batteries. It's going to take me a while to go through all the shots, and then I need to set up some sort of online business to accept orders.

OS Review: Windows Vista

Thumbs down?  Nah.  Thumbs wrapped tightly around a wooden baseball bat with a nail sticking out of it, as I carry the Vista CD into a grassy field and beat the shit out of it.

Vista not only won't boot up any more, but it messed up my Linux installation too.  So now I have to reinstall EVERYTHING.  I had a whole list of other reasons why I hate Vista, but they all pale in comparison to this.  No, I didn't mess up.  I know about dual boot, boot loaders, MBR's, partitions, etc.  I've been doing this for eight years.

Movie Reviews: New Rose Hotel, Match Point, The Producers, God Is Great & I'm Not

Yelena and I have watched a lot of movies lately.

New Rose Hotel

Thumbs down.

Death to Spammers

This is the third spam-related post in a week. But hopefully the last. I've taken Thu's wonderful suggestions, thank you Thu!

The hearing is continued

EDIT: Microsoft can't seem to get their act straight. One minute, I can download the file, but it's VERY SLOW. Next minute I can't download at all. Then I can, and it's super fast. Then I can't again. I've reorganized this post to give a thrilling blow-by-blow. Original post below.

Neat picture from the Hubble


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