I laughed my ass off

Thank God someone is saying it


On the other hand, my Muslim friend Kareem would disagree with Dr. Sultan.  He argues that the extremism we're seeing is not true Islam; it has been corrupted to serve political goals.  Even the Taliban openly admitted that their treatment of women wasn't motivated so much by sharia as it was by a desire to easily control half the population.  They would have done it to men too if they could have found a religious excuse for it.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I'm not the only one! (review, rant, etc.)

So I just saw The Day Watch, the sequel to The Night Watch.  It was awesome, but I'll get to that in a minute.

So Yelena and I are trying to find info on the third movie.  There's surprisingly little on it, but Yelena wandered into Amazon.com and discovered that the books are for sale in English.  The funny part: scroll down to "Customers who looked at this item eventually bought. . . "  What do you see?  The Night Watch, Firefly, and the fantasy series by George R.R. Martin.  All stuff I like.

It's only funny if you're a nerd.

RPG Motivational Posters

And here's a recent Dilbert.


Also only funny if you're a nerd.

Linux Performance Tips

KDE Wiki - Performance Tips

Including, how to improve DVD playback.

Movie Reviews: Butterfly Effect and Lady in the Water

Butterfly Effect: Thumbs up

I was expecting this to be a teenie-bopper, MTV-style psuedo-drama.  "Oh no, Ashton Kutcher is in a wheelchair.  Isn't that sad?  Now Amy Smart will have sex with him."

Not exactly.

Did you feel that?

4.5 magnitude earthquake just hit near San Francisco.  I immediately went to the computer to see if info on it was online yet.  "Jordan, it won't be online yet," said Yelena and Sarah.  But, of course, it was.  Not only that, but I found a plugin for Google Earth that will show you all the earthquakes in the last week.  It pinpoints the location for you, and when you click on it it'll pop up with information, plus a link to the USGS website with even more information.  It gets even cooler: the USGS website has a "did you feel it?" page where it shows a map of who felt the quake.

I want one.

YouTube - LAND WALKER -Japanese Robot suit-

My birthday's coming up.  Hint hint.

This is why Linux isn't mainstream.

Overall, Linux is a better OS than Windows.  I still stand by that.  But I'm not so sure it passes the "mother test"--would I install it on my mother's computer?  There are still some things that ought to be easy that aren't.  Things that Windows took care of years ago, but are still nearly impossible on Linux.  Such as automatic wireless reconnection.


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