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Missing the point

Parking in S.F.? You're in a tight spot / Downtown mall to double but no new spaces planned

This article complains that as businesses expand (including a huge new expansion to the Westfield Mall), parking is not expanding to meet the increased demand.  The people in the article continually rail against the city's "transit first" policy. You know what?  They're missing the point.

I like this web site . . .

Because it tells me I look like Hugh Grant.  Even better, it says my wife looks like Elisha Cuthbert and Rose McGowan.

MyHeritage - Family 2.0 and Genealogy

What is this thing?  An Israeli company has made software that will analyze your face and tell you who you look like.  Just upload a photo and it does the rest.  Way too much fun.

New gallery: Matt & Sarah's wedding!

At long last, Matt & Sarah's wedding gallery is online. You are welcome to browse the gallery, and order prints. It took a lot of work to transform my gallery into a professional-level gallery; you can see how I did it here.
Congratulations again to the happy couple.


Play the game.

Yelena and I were riding the muni today when someone almost attacked me.  We sat down and I glanced around (I like to be aware of my surroundings).  I noticed a guy looking at me.  This happens sometimes.  I find if I look back at them (nothing threatening, just a flat stare) they usually look away.  After my second flat stare, this guy jumped up, stepped forward, and made the "let's fight" movement with his arms.  He was a large black guy with a poofy jacket (even thought it was a warm day).  He was bigger than me so I didn't want to start something.  Yelena and I got up, I made a "I don't want trouble" motion with my arms, and we moved to the back of the train car.

What happens when you give a nerd a guitar and a drum set?

Futuristic Sex Robotz, that's what.  Not only do they refer to some awesome old-school stuff, like Shufflepuck Cafe and using a modem, but they WANT use to use BitTorrent to download their music for free!  Remember kids: it's not piracy if they WANT you to download it!  (They also have a song titled "Fuck the MPAA.")

Thumbs up.

What are these red pools?

salt flats.jpgEvery fly into the SF Bay Area? Ever notice those bright red, green, and orange pools in South Bay? Ever wonder what they are? Check it out: they're salt flats.

gFTP wins again

Back when I was using Ubuntu, I discovered that the best FTP program was gFTP.  But since I've switched to Kubuntu, I've discovered that there are a lot of fantastic programs for KDE that don't exist for Gnome.  Ironically, though, I've also discovered that some of the best programs DO exist for Gnome.  For example, Gimp, GQView, and gFTP.  There are a lot of FTP programs for linux, including several that are only for KDE.  But none of them are better than gFTP.

The only possible exception is Konqueror.

Movie Review: The Night Watch

Two thumbs up!  (Me + Sarah)

It's hard to pigeonhole this movie.  It's not really sci-fi, it's not really fantasy, it's not a traditional thriller.  You could call it a modern "end of days"-type scenario although it's not really that either.

Goodbye productivity

Google Earth is now available for Linux.  'Nuff said.
Google Earth - Download


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