Ever wonder . . .

. . . why Asian guys can't seem to get white chicks?  Of course you have.  Now a film student from my alma mater - UCSD - attempts to answer that question.

Yellow Fever - Google Video

Disclaimer: if anyone finds this offensive they need to loosen up.

Nerd quiz time

BBspot - Which OS Are You?

I can't even bring myself to put this under the "This is cool" category.

What the media doesn't show


Also, barely any mention of the fact that Israel is opening up humanitarian corridors so aid can get through to civilians.  Naturally Hezbollah will take advantage of this aid too, which will make Israel's job harder.  But Israel opens the humanitarian corridors anyway, because it's the right thing to do.

More commentary on the conflict

The predictable condemners | Jerusalem Post

Not to mention the fact that many of these condemners are themselves hypocrites, in the truest sense of the word.  Has the UN humanitarian head toured the sites of missile strikes in Israel?  Has he visited Israeli hospitals treating civilians injured by Hezbollah attacks?  Does he even care?

Hooray for Israel

I'm going to speak out on the latest conflict.  Of course I support Israel, as apparently do most world leaders, and half the Arab nations (Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia all blame Hezbollah for the current crisis).  But I think Israel's declared goal of eliminating Hezbollah is bold and even visionary.  Sharon would be proud.  Here's why.

Fun music video

Finland's entry for Eurovision 2006

Oh yeah, and I'm back from vacation.  It was fun--the scenery was gorgeous, there weren't very many mesquitos, the weather was fantastic, and the campsites were some of the best I've ever seen.  But it was too strenuous, and they hassled us at the airport trying to get home.  I can't talk about that too much because there might be litigation.  All I'll say is: I had to fly home a day late, the rest of my family had to fly home two days late, and it was a pain in the ass.

Gallery update

I've nearly finished a major gallery upgrade.  The color scheme now matches my front page, and you can now order pictures directly from my web site!  This is all in preparation for hosting the photos from Matt & Sarah's wedding (almost done, I promise!).  I'm going to be on a canoe trip in Canada for the next week, but I'll finish Matt & Sarah's wedding gallery when I get back.

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean II

Thumbs up!

It really is that good.  I didn't expect much from it.  It's a movie based on a ride at a theme park, it's Disney, it's a sequel, and it's been way too overhyped.  But when I lower my expectations, I'm usually pleased (usually).  In this case, I was impressed!

Easiest way to tweak your own website!

CSS sheets are hard to edit.  Really hard.  Inexusably hard.  But there's a Web Developer Toolbar that makes that (and a lot of other things) a lot easier. Web Developer Extension, where have you been all my life?


(I know this isn't really a linux app per se, but since I pretty much only use linux now, it may as well go under the linux category.  Down with Microsoft!  Down with their ugly, demented monkey-child Windows Vista!)

"Petition sustained on both counts."

I won my second court case yesterday.  Double felony.  I was only assigned the case the day before, so I had to scramble, and it was definitely a sloppier job than a senior ADA would do, but I pulled it off.  The defense attorney was also one of the best at the YGC; I've now gone up against three of the four defense attorneys with the highest reputations, and I won each time.  I'd say more about the case but the file is sealed (of course).  Talk to me if you want more details.


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