According to any interpretation of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Lady Liberty Trades In Some Trappings - New York Times

It's hard being a single parent . . .

. . .  trying to raise a small child and serve the Empire at the same time . . .
James Photo Gallery - Friday/IMG 4567

Linux app of the day: Konqueror

This program is pretty friggin' cool.  It surfs the web, reads your local hard drive, visits ftp sites, plays your music, and can manipulate your images.  "But doesn't MS Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer do most of those things too?"  Yes, but Konqueror does it quickly, easily, and gracefully.   And it comes built in with KDE.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

The debate is finally answered thanks to some brilliant film editing.

YouTube - Star Trek vs. Star Wars

How to waste time

This guy has done a bunch of cool stuff with java.  My favorite: the zombie-infested city where you try to save the survivors by nuking the zombies.

The post that looks like spam but isn't

I was reading an article on Yahoo! news that mentioned that all three credit reporting agencies are required by law to give you one free credit report per year. Last time I ordered a credit report I ended up paying like $60 because I didn't read the fine print. Ridiculous. The article also mentioned that there are other web sites that offer you a "free" credit report . . . as long as you sign up for their service and pay a monthly fee.

New site feature: Legos page!


Another reason why San Francisco is awesome.

Trevor Boris Standup Comedy

On YouTube.  In case you ever wanted to know what a gay farmer grows.  Of course you have.

GKrellm for Windows

The good news: someone has already ported GKrellm to Windows! The bad news: inexplicably, he doesn't host the software on his own site any more. I discovered another web site that saved a copy on their own server. I was able to download & install successfully. After installing the compatibility layers, lo and behold, it worked!


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