Pigs in space

Flickr Photo Download: Pigs in space. The Early years. (please comment and tell me where you spotted this image - lots of hits!)

This doesn't really explain why Russians are so damn weird.  Really it just proves that they are.  As if we needed more evidence.

Wallet inserts are awesome.

You know, those things where you put pictures of your family. My wallet insert was falling apart and it was a pain in the ass. Every time I opened my wallet my ID fell out. You know how hard those things are to find? It's ridiculous. I went to Office Max, Office Depot, Safeway, Ross, and two Walmarts before I found one. But ah, it looks so nice . . .

Yeah, I'm easy to please.

How Much Caffeine in Drinks

This was very interesting to me as I was 2/3 through my brief at 4 am.  Especially when I found a can of Red Bull in the back of the fridge.

How Much Caffeine in Drinks -- Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks -- Caffeine Content

Can you tell I use my blog as a procrastination tool?


KDE vs. Gnome

KDE and Gnome are two GUIs for linux. Unlike Mac and Windows, which only offer one interface each, linux is flexible and allows you to pick the interface you want. There are dozens from which to choose, and the two most popular are KDE and Gnome. KDE is more like Windows; businesslike and professional. I would say Gnome is more like Mac OS, more friendly and playful, but the truth is Gnome isn't really like Mac OS; Gnome is like Gnome. It's a little rougher around the edges and doesn't have as much built-in functionality as KDE. It seems more "free." The truth is both interfaces are very powerful and you can do just about anything with either one. Nevertheless, someone has written a hillarious article describing the stylistic differences between the two interfaces.


> > Once upon a time there were two brothers. One brother was very
> > mischievous, always getting into trouble. The other brother,
> > very good. He was always kind to animals, helped elderly neighbors,
> led
> > an exemplary life.
> >
> > As time went on, the brothers stayed in touch but were never close.
> > The evil brother became a heavy drinker and a womanizer. The other

Movie review: After the Sunset

Thumbs down.

Two very attractive but untalented actors (Pierce Brosnan and Selma Hayek) are "retired" jewel theives on a tropical island.  Of course, Pierce Brosnan gets stir crazy; he needs to steal things to be happy.  He doesn't like other people and has no hobbies, and yet Selma Hayek (who presumably got half the money) loves him.

Mix in a crazy FBI agent who's after Pierce but ends up befriending him (and gets his own love interest because hey, this is Jamaica).

Apple Sucks

Apple is the new Evil Empire, just as bad as Microsoft, only with a smiley face. At least Bill Gates never pretends he's nice. I prefer my bullshit straight up, thank you.

Why do I suddenly hate Apple? Because of iTunes. It's a fantastic product, I have it running right now (although I'm actually listening to my Yahoo radio; iTunes is just sitting there). It's got some fantastic features, it's the only mainstream mp3 player that allows you to rip cd's into pure, high-quality mp3's with no copy protection, and it's so easy to use. But here are two reasons why I hate it:

"This court finds the defendant guilty."

That's what I heard yesterday when I conducted my first hearing. Actually the process got cut short because I agreed to a plea bargain, so I didn't actually get to conduct the hearing. But I had prepared my questions, got three cops lined up for testimony, and had some face time with the judge in the courtroom. Got my name on the official record.

Time management

It's colder in SF than it is in LA

The wedding yesterday was wonderful.  Rob & Laurie look very happy together.  We're happy for them.  Everyone is happy.  It's the perfect situation.  Congrats, you guys!

Yelena and I got back to SF this evening and walked in the door only a couple hours ago.  I'd better get to bed, I have to get up early for another day at the DA's office.  Rock on.


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