How's work? (password-protected)

This is my first new post with password protection. Thanks to all of you who are interested enough to ask for a password.

Work was good today. Got a handful of cases so I won't be terribly bored this week. I have one case where the defendant's name is Nepoleon Baltazar. Awesome name. (Is it a breach of confidentiality for me to reveal his name? No. The fact that Mr. Baltazar is a defendant in a criminal case is public record. The hearing on April 11th will be open to the public. Come to the county courthouse in South San Francisco and you can watch the hearing.)

Linux works

And I'm sticking with it. I made the technical/psychological leap today that makes me feel comfortable sticking with Ubuntu. My printer worked fine "out of the box," without having to install any extra drivers or anything, and Gnome (part of Linux) even had a built-in print manager. Awesome. But, turns out that sharing the printer over the network is something for which there is no easy answer. After three days of wading through /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, I finally got it working. BUT THEN I was only able to print from OTHER COMPUTERS, not from my own!


Well, not really. But I realized today that I really shouldn't talk about work. I am an employee of the San Mateo District Attorney (albeit an unpaid one) and therefore I am a public representative of the office. I wouldn't want to inadvertantly say something and have anyone think that I was actually representing office policy.

Let me be clear: this is a personal blog. When I write here, I am not representing the office.

Here we go again

I've decided to start running Linux again. You can blame this on my friend Curtis who kept telling me how great it is. Also, you can blame it on law school. How? Well, because of law school I'm playing a lot less computer games. And computer games are pretty much the only reason for me to be running Windows; everything else I need is available in Linux. Curtis assures me that the quality of the software for Linux is pretty much on par with Windows or Mac OS (last time I ran Linux that wasn't the case).

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low - Yahoo! News

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low - Yahoo! News

What shocks me about this story is that IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING.  Bush is the Lance Armstrong of failure.  What's shocking is that not only are registered Republicans starting to get sick of him, but registered Republicans are starting to get sick of the Republican Party.  Less than half of registered Republicans believe the Republican-controlled Congress is doing a good job.

It's been a long week.

On Wednesday I turned in my moot court brief.  That's the one with the Ten-Error Rule (if I have more than ten errors, including putting the period in the wrong place in a complicated legal citation, I fail the class).  On Thursday I had my first hearing (I won).  Today I'm with my family celebrating my sister's birthday.  Meanwhile we're still negotiating with the landlords about how much compensation they're willing to give us in order to have us move out so they can convert the building to TIC's.  We haven't reached a "meeting of the minds" yet, and I think we're about at the limit

Not exactly Brad Pitt.

Thanks to Curtis for bringing this one to my attention.

The Powerbook Prank

The Powerbook Prank: He wanted a Powerbook. We gave him a P-P-P-Powerbook!

Anyone else have a good story about scamming the scammers?

Apartments & briefs are damaging my calm

Good news on the apartment front.  I don't have to move out in two weeks.  We told the landlords we're willing to move out in mid-April and they said that's fine.  We haven't worked out a final agreement yet; Yelena and I want to take a few more days so we don't feel rushed into an agreement.

I have to move in two weeks.

My landlords are selling the building and trying to create a TIC. Kinda like converting the building to condos. Yelena and I realized after about 15 minutes last night that we don't have enough money to buy our apartment as a TIC.

Actually, we don't HAVE to move in two weeks. We could choose to stay longer, until it's convenient for us. Namely, the end of the school year. But, we have spring break in two weeks so that's as good a time as any. The only problem is Yelena is busy preparing for finals and I have my damn brief, this isn't a good time to go apartment hunting.


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