Happy Passover (and other humor)

Also, here's a funny Dilbert: dilbert2006106460412.gif

Check it out

Cool things I've come across in the past few weeks:

Got to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time

Haven't updated in two weeks.  My apologies, if anyone cares.  There is lots of news.  I moved to a new apartment, it's really nice.  Pictures will be up at some point.  Yelena and I are still unpacking.  If you want to know more, give me a call.

There's also work-related news; that will go in a password-protected post, as usual.

I also have a bunch of random crap I've been saving to show everyone; that will also go in a separate post.

Real scam warning

I checked this out and it's real. FYI for anyone who is going to work in an office (it doesn't work at home).



Thanks to Sam Belkin for the original warning (see below).

Is religion peaceful?

This is a conversation I've been having with a friend of mine, Harvey Richardson from Canada.  Harvey was my mentor for the GATE program when I was in first grade.  He's an optical engineer and has worked on some of the largest telescopes in the world.

The original article (to which I am responding) is available at the bottom.

Ask me for the password!

Only one person has asked me for the password to the private posts.  Maybe you guys didn't get it: I'm giving the password away!  It's the same password every time.  Just ask and I'll give it to you.  I want people to read my blog, it's just there are certain posts I wouldn't want strangers to read.

Also, you should sign my guestbook.

Good news on three fronts

Things are looking more positive at the DA's office.  I may feel like I'm being held back, but the truth is I've had at least as much experience as anyone else.  I did good work today and I didn't make any mistakes, at least not that I know of.

Had my Moot Court oral argument practice this afternoon.  It went better than I expected.  The TA said she could tell I'd put a lot of work into it.  Ha ha ha.

More Serenity spoofs; vacation wrapping up

This is the coolest thing since Star Wars Legos.  In fact, I'm thinking of creating a new blog category: "Star Wars Legos," to showcase combinations of two cool things.  When Legos came out with the Star Wars sets, I flipped out because it was too much coolness for one thing.  Legos are awesome, and Star Wars was awesome before George Lucas splooged all over it.  Either one of those things by itself could keep me entertained forever.  Combine them, and I'm overdosing on fun.

Album review: Alabama 3 - Power in the Blood

Thumbs up.

This is the same group that did the Soprano's theme song.  They're a rare mix of blues and electronica (my two favorite genres).  The whole album is listenable, which is a rare thing these days.  The tracks that stand out are the opening track, which isn't really a song but more of a snippet (catchy nonetheless); the title track Power in the Blood; a creative song about strobe lights (who sings about the lighting in a club?); a neat song about rehabilitation; and a cute song about how "flowers bloom on Alcatraz now, let the caged bird sing."

Movie Review: Domino

Thumbs down.

Kiera Knightly is hot.  And in this movie she takes her shirt off.  But Kiera's boobies do not a good movie make.  For starters, the plot is convoluted, pointless, and often gratuitous.  For example, why do her buddies have to die at the end?  There's no reason for it other than for attempted dramatic effect.


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